Frequently Asked Questions

CVsIntellect is an online résumé builder that helps you create winsome résumés that never fail to impress, within minutes. Instead of wasting time in formatting Word documents, just fill in your details using CVsIntellect's intuitive interface and have a professionally formatted résumé ready in few clicks!

  1. It saves time that you end up wasting while trying to create & format Word docs.
  2. CVsIntellect has intuitive & easy to use UI.
  3. CVsIntellect helps you create long-lasting impressions.
  4. We use LaTeX as platform, which beats any other format hands down!
  5. When you use CVsIntellect, you leverage years of solid experience & expertise of specialists from IT, Business, Consulting & HR industry.
  6. Access your résumé anywhere, anytime where there is an internet connection.

We have taken all the possible measures to keep things extremely secure. We use 256 bit SSL encryption for all data transfer between you and the server. Further, we are hosted on Google server, so we are incredibly secure. For further information please visit our Privacy Policy.

We recommend that you sign-up so that when you revisit CVsIntellect to update or format your profile, you get all your data stored exactly the way you left it in your last visit. Your data will be lost after each session, if you don’t sign-up.

If you use OAuth login, you get to forgo steps like signup, verify, & sign-in. You even need not remember your password; it will be automatically mapped to existing profile, if any. Moreover, we only use the email for validation and we don’t store any other data, so there are no privacy concerns whatsoever.

Just click on the 'Forgot Password' link below the sign-in window. You will be asked to re-enter your email address. A temporary password will then be sent to your nominated email address. You will be asked to login using the temporary password once. Later, you may reset your password by using 'Reset Password'.

CVsIntellect provides a selection of killer résumé templates to choose from. Follow this link ‘Résumé Gallery’ to find a résumé design that matches your style & never fails to impress.

Résumé templates can be changed by following the below mentioned simple steps:

  1. Sign-In
  2. Go to 'Gallery' Option on the left panel
  3. Select and then save your new custom template

Yes, most sections within your résumé can be reordered. It can be done by following the below mentioned simple steps:

  1. Sign-In
  2. Go to 'Configuration Management' option on the left panel
  3. Drag sections up & down to change order and click on save.

Yes, by simply deleting any content, a section can be removed from the résumé. Any section within a résumé that is left blank will not appear in the résumé when it is viewed, printed or downloaded.

After logging-in, you can edit your résumé at any time. You may edit simply by clicking on the résumé item that requires editing. You can edit your résumé items as often as you like.

No. CVsIntellect allows you to enter information into your résumé as you per your needs & wish.

To download your résumé:

  1. Make sure you are signed in
  2. Click on the 'Download PDF' on the right panel
  3. Follow all page instructions

To e-mail your résumé:

  1. Make sure you are signed in
  2. Click on the 'Email Résumé'
  3. 'Compose E-Mail' will open with 'pre-written' & 'customizable' mail body.

To access your résumé you need to sign in. Please make sure your sign in email and password are correct. Password is case sensitive. Even if this doesn't help, please write in to us at: contactus@cvsintellect.com

Yes. If you would like to close your account please email us at contactus@cvsintellect.com, notifying your request. We encourage users to provide us with feedback, so that we can improve our services for future users.

We value our customers & your feedback & values are of utmost importance to us. You can give your feedback even if you haven’t signed-up or logged-in. To give us your valuable feedback - just click on the ‘Feedback’ (star within a blue call-out) appearing on every page on to the right hand side.