About Us

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CVsIntellect Résumé Specialist is a free, online résumé builder that helps you create LaTeX powered, impressive-winsome résumés, within minutes

What We Do?

With several years' business experience, we provide a uniquely refreshing approach to the way résumés are made. We seek to present exceptional résumé formats & resources that the modern professionals will appreciate. We thrive on the power of passion and knowledge! Our résumé templates are built on foundation of quality, comprehensiveness, and usefulness.

We have an in-depth & unparalleled knowledge of the talent acquisition industry, job search business, market and culture, and are committed to provide incomparable résumé solutions. When you use CVsIntellect to make your résumés you leverage experience of talented professionals from around the globe.

Who produced this fantastic resource?

Our co-founders have extensive experience in talent-acquisition, technology, & consulting industry. They dealt with résumés for years & thus understand the importance, elements & nuances of making a CV that works. We envisaged the concept of CVsIntellect with the vision of empowering the job-seekers with professionally formatted résumés.

  • Shweta Srivastva

    An MBA, a gold medalist in Psychology, the meticulous strategist has an in-depth knowledge of recruitment & consulting industry & a rich experience of managing business. She dreams of big things and sets milestones to achieve them. She believes in achieving high standards of performance within the stipulated time-line. She values the virtues of team work & strives for perfection! With her solid grasp of fundamentals, organization dynamics & client management skills, she has the tenacity to drive change and herald the organization towards a brighter future.

  • Srinivas Upadhya
    Backend engineer

    A versatile java developer by profession & a visionary by heart, our techie dreamer has special interest in algorithms & has worked behind a big airline Website as a back-end developer. He likes to learn new things and using it in existing projects. This product is his first step towards fulfilling his aim of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He believes in building a great team before a great product! He loves to take challenges & tackle it by using his never-ending energy, intelligence, unique approach & technical maturity.

  • Maulik Suchak
    Experience Designer

    A silver medalist computer engineer who is passionate about creating stuffs that doesn't exist. Our ingenious creator loves working for social causes & uses his technical and non-technical knowledge to accomplish this. He runs a couple of non-profit websites too. He works from the bottom of his heart! He always accepts challenges and successfully wins them. He tries to keep his designs attractive but simple to use, efficient and intuitive.

  • Dr. Harish Kumar Holla
    LaTeX Expert

    A top performing Physics professor by profession, Harish is a hobbyist programmer & one of the world's most reputed LaTeX experts. He is a PhD in Physics & is passionate about programming & using programming as a teaching aid, producing beautiful technical & non-technical documents & LaTeX. His perseverance, focus & passion for problem solving make him inevitable to Team CVsIntellect.

  • Rashmi Mishra
    Quality Principal

    The destructive constructor has a background in IT management specializing in Software Process Management from a premier institute & a solid experience in software quality analysis and testing. She is strong-headed & never compromises on quality of the final product. End-user delight is her idea of great software. Her work gives her energy & sense of achievement. Her varied quality experience, zeal to work and her ability to work under pressure adds a lot of value to this product and organisation.

What drives us?

We are a start-up - young, ambitious, energetic, full of novel ideas & focused on solving the universal problem of résumé making & thereby creating value in the job search process.

We came up with the idea of this single-page application to help professionals revitalize their résumés. We aimed to help people use all the benefits that LaTeX provides without having to learn the complex programming associated with it.

We reckon that our geographically distributed team is our biggest strength because this has given us the power to better understand the preferences, tastes & trends in different parts of the world, boosting better recognition of customer needs, making us truly international.